Monday, November 30, 2009

I currently don't own a camera, funny how that works!!! Thanksgiving was uneventful, I woke up to the 007 marathon and bounced between that and the discovery channel marathon. Later that day I made a huge pot of turkey chili with habanero's and other hot ingredients. The chili was AWESOME and lasted a few days which worked out well for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between episodes of whatever was on the tv, I continued reading Bravo Two Zero so I can then read Chris Ryans "The One That Got Away" and then Horse Soldiers. Not a very exciting thanksgiving, but I am going home for Christmas so I'm stoked about that. Oh I almost forgot I sent nasty emails to Max Lumber, yeah no slack in the "6" truck!!!


  1. Well, Thanksgiving day was good! I spent it with my wife and son, Firefighters, Policemen from the City of Hapeville, Ga and their families. No fires and no gunfights....sorry, but if the Mungadai would like to see some action we will have to go back to Tour #2. This time it would be different since The Lion of Mosul and Mongo Boss will have to do some work other than watch OPRAH....

  2. Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

    Happy blogging! :)