Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Street Scenes, 05 AUG

To all our loved ones, especially the Mungababes: sorry we haven't been posting much (uh, okay, at all) lately. Everyone (the Coalition, the Transition Teams, the Federal Police, the Army, and the good citizens of Mosul) has been busy adjusting to the new, post-30 June "Combat Forces out of the Cities" clause of the US/Iraqi Security Agreement.
Although the Mungadai are extraordinarily adept at that whole "combat" thing, we count as advisors, and are therefore allowed, in the Security Agreement, to accompany our counterparts the Federal Police (yes, it used to be the National Police, but everyone here thought that "Federal Police" had a little more pizzazz to it). As we all know, though, the details of actually executing a treaty can be a little more messy than just writing it down and signing it. So, the Mungadai have been really constrained, in the last few weeks, in actually accompanying our counterparts out and about on operations. However, we've worked through a lot of the legal-ese and are getting things squared away. So, here are some scenes from today's operations:


  1. Pic #1 looks like Fresno,CA to me.

  2. What a way to spend your birthday 19kilojoe!!! Do Iraqis celebrate birthdays too?