Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Great Day at the Range!

Controlled pair!

Keep moving!

Targets in motion

very minor example of what the targets ended up looking like

Terps gettin' some

We're having some perfect spring weather so the Mungadai took advantage of it and made our way back to the range. We mounted our brand new ACOGs (Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight) compliments of "The Kid" and got down to business of adjusting them to the strike of the round. We then had some real fun with a new set of 1/4" steel swinging targets compliments of "Max Wood" and his ability to find things. Unfortunately the 5.56 ammunition turned our beautiful new 1/4" steel swinging targets into Swiss cheese. No need to worry about ricochets, went right through! Even still, we had hours of fun with them. Our Interpreters/ back up got into the mix and learned how to operate our weapons. Top and Buddha made a chow hall run and brought back almost enough cheese burgers and chips. After a great field feed we moved on to the turret mounted weapons and to the huge disappointment of the .50 caliber gunner, his weapon kept jamming.

So, with all the spent brass cleaned out of the trucks, the .50 cal back in fully operational condition and the 1/4" steel swinging targets turned back into the welding shop for some much needed upgrades, the Mungadai called it another great day at the range!

Oh yeah, who brought the blanks?

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